Hex Kit 2.0 Is Launched!

Hex Kit 2.0 Changelog

  • Added two new fonts to the information tool, Silkscreen and Yatra One.
  • Performance increased; make bigger maps faster before your computer's heat death.
  • Added an internal API and support for plugins. Plugin documentation can be found here and a sample plugin can be found here. Make your dreams come true, limited only by your Javascript chops.
  • Added support for flat top hex tiles. Due to popular demand you can now create hex maps in the bad orientation by selecting the box that says 'Flat Top' when making a new map. Note: this will not change the orientation of existing official hex tiles, but many of the tiles in the official tilesets can still be used for flat-topped hex maps.
  • Added an orientation selector on tile import that let's Hex Kit know which way your points point.
  • Added 'Save Custom Generator.' Now when you use the custom generator you can save them, share them, and use them over and over again.
  • Added 'Clear Hex' tool to the toolbox. Use this tool to clear all the tiles from an entire location; it will clear the tile you click on and each tile on each layer beneath the one you click. This tool will also clear the grid on the base layer.

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