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I just got this on drive thru from my secret Santa and it is very cool

A bracing, thrilling bit of design. Can you survive? Who will survive? How will you live with the choices you've had to make? A terrific game that forces you to make tough choices, and then sit with those choices. 

I bought this a few weeks ago in physical and I've got to say I'm so pleased with my purchase. The book is gorgeous, I am so enamoured by the front cover and the art. The layout is simple, the text is easy to understand and the game itself is clean and efficient.

I am yet to run it, but I can tell you I enjoy just having it on my shelf as a product to show off to people.


i haven't bought this yet but my apartment's heat crapped out for a week in december and i wanna say that nothing has captured my mood so perfectly as yr description of this game 

So this game can be used as a functioning campaign for D&D as well as its own game?

I wouldn't use it for more than 1 session in your d&d game, two tops. It's meant to be like a slight aside in terms of mechanics and play. Anything more than that will get repetitive, but yes it can be played basically as a board game too and there is a guide to that in the book. Thanks!

Thank you, that is really cool!